Focus and Concentration

Concentration, and the ability to focus on the present task while ignoring all outside distractions, is one of the most important mental skills in golf.

As Paul Azinger said, “Staying in the present is the key to
the golfer's game: Once you start thinking about a shot you
just messed up. You're lost”.

Have you ever seen Tiger Woods play golf?

Tiger’s focus and concentration are legendary.

You might be surprised if I told you that Tiger Woods mental coach, Jay Brunza starting hypnotizing Tiger when he was ten years old.

Hypnosis helped Tiger to block out all distractions and focus completely on the golf course.

   Then again you probably are not surprised at any of the amazing things that Tiger can do on the golf course.
Controlling your mind is the key to great golf.
It is said that “Golf is played with the body, but won in the mind”.

It is a well know fact that the mind goes in the direction of its dominant thoughts.

Thoughts create reality!!

So be careful of what you think!!!

If you are thinking “Don’t hit it into the lake”, “Don’t hit it into the lake!!” – what direction do YOU think the ball will go?

Lets do a simple exercise:

Don’t think of a golf club!!

OK what type of club DID you imagine in your mind??

You see the mind does not process “don’ts”!!

So what you are really telling your subconscious mind is “Hit it into the lake”.

Focus on your target and what you WANT to happen. Think only  positive uplifting thoughts.

The Golfnosis system and hypnosis can help you improve your focus and concentration by eliminating all outside distractions and negative self-talk so that you play in a cocoon of positive concentration.

Another facet of the mind is the fact that we can only think of ONE thought at a time.  Make sure that thought is one that is going to get you the results that you REALLY want.

One technique that is taught in the Golfnosis sytem is to follow the exact same physical setup procedure before your shot. 

Your pre-shot routine should serve a couple of different purposes:

One is to prepare your body for the upcoming shot, to get yourself aligned with the ball and the target, another is to prepare your MIND for the shot by focusing entirely on your pre-shot routine, concentrating solely on aligning yourself to the target and eliminating ALL other outside distractions.  Your pre-shot routine also will act like a trigger to put you into the zone, where you are totally focused and concentrate exclusively on the task at hand.

When you control your thoughts by focusing and concentrating you will find that you will hit more fairways, sink more putts and have more fun!!

And like a muscle that gets stronger each time that it is used, your focus and concentration will also get stronger each time that you use them.

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd says in her book “Mental Management for Great Golf”  - “To play great golf or any other game, you must control your conscious thoughts and give your subconscious simple clear directions.   To get what you want, focus only on the goal or target.  Banish all other thoughts.”

Golf is a game where you spend more time thinking of playing rather than playing.

During these lapses in the actual playing of the game you can lose your concentration, start thinking about the mistakes you made, worrying about your next putt etc. etc.

Dr. Steve Hendlin says that “Golf’s slow pace means there is a tremendous amount of time between shots in which to scare yourself”.

The Golfnosis System is designed to help you stay focused on the present moment, using the time between shots to increase your focus and concentration and let go of results.