Mental Rehearsal

Michael Jordan has stated that he has shot many more baskets in his mind than he ever did on the court.
Mental rehearsal is simply going over what you intend to do … in your mind.

See the section on Visualization since Mental Rehearsal is actually using Visualization exercises to help you improve your game.

Remember…when you visualize you are not just using images, you are also using sounds, feelings, smell and taste.

When you are hypnotized, the suggestions given to you make your experience as REAL and VIVID as if you were actually DOING the activity.

Many professional and successful golfers use mental rehearsal before and AFTER their games.

One amazingly simple yet very effective technique is to go through each hole on the course in their minds before the game.

The successful golfer imagines vividly arriving at the course, putting on their golf shoes, tying the laces, walking to the first tee and hitting that first great drive, followed by each successive and successful shot for the whole round.

This person does not just visualize what is going to happen… they are actually there (in their mind) seeing what they see, hearing the sounds around them, smelling the smells, tasting the taste in their mouth.

And they do this for EVERY shot!!

Because they don’t have to actually walk the course, they can do this relatively quickly in their minds.

But the SECRET behind this technique… is that they imagine a SUCCESSFUL outcome.

Once they arrive at the course the golfer finds the game MUCH easier to play…because they have ALREADY BEEN THERE.

They have ALREADY played every hole and played the very best that they ever could!!

After the round is over and the successful golfer is ready for sleep..just before he drifts off into a peaceful content slumber..he goes back in his mind to every GOOD/GREAT shot that he did that day and experiences it once AGAIN, using all of his senses to make the experience as REAL as possible.

The trick to this technique is that he ONLY goes over the GOOD/GREAT shots..he FORGETS entirely the bad shots.

Athletes have been using mental rehearsal exercises to help them improve their game for many, many years.

In fact research has been done showing that when someone mentally rehearses something, the exact same neurons in the brain are fired as if the person was actually doing the activity!!!!

Those neural connections are strengthened simply by thinking of the activity!!

In the GolfNosis system we teach you exactly how you can use mental rehearsal to take your game to the next level.