NLP for Golf

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a collection of extremely effective techniques devised to help people change.

NLP was originated by two guys Robert Bandler and John Grinder.  They looked at existing methods of helping people change and came up with some very powerful techniques to effect that change. 

Now as a Golfer you might just be saying “Hey I don’t need a shrink, I just need to be more relaxed and confidant on the golf course so that I play up to my potential”.

Well you may not be saying exactly that  - but as a golfer looking to improve their game you want to find the easiest yet most effective ways to make you play better.

May I introduce to you NLP!!

NLP techniques have been used to eliminate problems that other forms of therapy could not help. 

People who have had phobias, illogical fears that hampered their life, have had their fear removed permanently in just a short session using certain NLP techniques.

The Golfnosis System uses NLP techniques while you are hypnotized, to make these powerful techniques virtually UNSTOPPABLE!

Since it would be HIGHLY impractical to have a hypnotist follow you around the golf course, hypnotizing you when you are about to make that crucial shot, golfers using the Golfnosis System are given triggers, simple physical actions, such as clenching a fist, to instantly and automatically put you in a confident, relaxed state of mind and body. 

Triggers are used to help you enter the “ZONE” where you will play your best golf!!

Have you ever watched Tiger Woods play golf?  

Watch him closely when he is about to begin his pre-shot routine.

  He will slowly close his eyes for a moment then open them again, when he opens his eyes after this brief moment he is in the ZONE!!!

  You see the slowly closing and re-opening of his eyes is the trigger that Tiger’s hypnotist Dr. Jay Brunza has installed in him to enter the ZONE.

Now you can use the EXACT same techniques that Tiger uses to enter the ZONE and play the very best you can each and every shot.